Kimono Collection

These designs all feature varigated cotton or silk threads with metallics and beads in exciting pattern combinations that replicate the intricate patterns of oriental fabric.  The kimono has two different patterns: one for the sleeves, and one for the body. Working the patterns with the varigated threads creates stitching excitement and drama - for no two kimonos will be the same!  These designs were intended to stimulate stitchers to explore the luscious variety of varigated, handpainted threads available on the market.

While these kimonos were designed to be stitched on 24 ct. Congress Cloth, they can also be stitched up on 18 ct. mono canvas.  The image is larger of course, but equally stunning and just as enjoyable to stitch!

                              ~All retail prices listed are for patterns only ~

Chrysantehmum Kimono - $12.00

Apple Blossom  Kimono - $12.00                    Three Spring  Kimonos - $12.00

Blue & Gold Kimono - $12.00    Springtime Kimono - $12.00     Autumn Leaf Kimono - $12.00

                  Three Winter Kimonos - $12.00                                      Winter Kimono - $12.00

                   Three Summer Kimonos - $12.00                      Summer Kimono - $12.00

        Iris Kimono - $12.00